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Stay Warm This Fall Season By Tuning Into Our Steamy Weekly Top Ten Tracks

It’s that time again to highlight the Weekly Top Ten Tracks that have been rumbling car speakers in rideshares. This week we notice a slight change in Steereo’s Charts, but it’s obvious listeners are loving what’s being streamed. Read and listen into the steamy tracks who’ve earned a spot in our charts once again.

#10. ‘Locked Eyes’ by Lauren Demaio

Making an appearance for the first time to Steereo’s charts is Lauren Demaio with ‘Locked Eyes.’ She shakes things up a bit when it comes to Christian music since Demaio implements Pop into the mix. Listen in to the single to get a taste of Demaio’s Gospel music.

#09. ‘Time To Breathe’ by Harrison Paul

With only being on Steereo very little time, Irish bred vocalist Harrison Paul made his mark in Steereo Charts. ‘Time To Breathe’ is an infectious tune due to the initial slow progression to a dance-pop melody.

#08. ‘Flipside’ by The Keymakers

Pop duo The Keymakers remain at a standstill in our charts with the electro-pop track- ‘Flipside.’ Initially, the two brothers worked independently as artists. However, teaming up together later was an obvious choice since the outcome is catchy gems like this one.

#07. ‘Eyes Shut’ by Jameson Tabor

Jameson Tabor– a Bluestep rising singer has an impressionable presence. Not only are his vocals the prime gold of his career, but also he is a multi-talented musician with influences of Jazz and Blues. Reappearing once more in our charts is his signature sound titled ‘Eyes Shut.’

#06. ‘Lime Green’ by Glass Battles

‘Lime Green’ is made by no other than the LA-based singer Glass Battles. Just like this track, Glass Battles collection of music is a wondrous work of art in the Pop realm.

#05. ‘You Were The One’ by Mario Jose

One of Steereo’s OG artists is Pop touring musician Mario Jose. With being in two years of hiatus, Jose makes a comeback with a powerful tune titled ‘You Were The One’ along with an official music video.

#4. ‘Pomeroy’ by JXSH

Another artist remaining at the same spot as last week is Ohio bread JXSH. Named as a powerhouse artist from a small town with global dreams, JXSH’s uplifting vocals blend splendidly with this computerized Pop sequence song.

#3. ‘Deeper’ by Harrison Paul

Reappearing in the same chart again is Irish born singer Harrison Paul. ‘Deeper’ takes a step back and shifts over to the EDM umbrella for an electrifying beat infused with Pop elements.

#2. ‘Pray To You’ by ChrisLee ft. Niko The Kid

Known to be the very meditative and yogi of Steereo is Pop singer ChrisLee. He is no stranger to Steereo’s charts, especially by teaming up producer Niko The Kid for ‘Pray To You.’

#1. ‘Say Something’ by Keith Cullen

Continuing to remain at the top of the charts is Keith Cullen. ‘Say Something’ is introduced by delicate guitar strums and vocalized chants creating a baseline. Despite having an impressionable chorus drop, the song resumes to a low tempo. The varied song speeds and repetitive guitar strings maintain a feeling within the single that keeps you yearning for more.