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A Mental Health-line Has Made Its Presence For Musicians In Need

After several deaths occurring in the music industry, discussing the subject has been more common. To try to prevent the repeated events, Music Minds Matter campaign was formed. This Healthline also could be referred as helpline was created to be readily available only specific for the music industry folks. The areas it focuses on is like management, record labels, tour crews, artists, and those who might feel affected in this industry.

Music Minds Matter is available for assistance 24/7 and absolutely free. The helpline will give those who call access for advice, therapy, benefits and legal issues, and counseling.

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Help Musicians who started the campaign is one of the leading and largest providers of health and welfare for the music industry. A fundraiser for Music Minds Matter confirmed the proceeds will be used “to change the culture around mental health so that not just those in the music industry, but their fans and all of those in need are more easily able to seek and receive the help that they deserve.”

If you are looking to get more information on Music Minds Matter, click here to get more details and the helpline phone numbers.