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A Musicians Guide to An Electronic Press Kit

For those who are hard working, you can make an impact in your music career with a good press kit. An electronic press kit or EPK is a detailed document filled with information about you as a solo artist or your band. It features links to your music and more. An EPK can be a vital introduction to promoters or booking agents. Most importantly, it can make getting the word out about your music easier since EPKs are designed to promote your latest single, album or live shows.

As an EPK can help you in the long run to promote your music, there are some key factors to include. When you are creating an EPK you want to keep in mind how the document looks and what you’re presenting. Since it is a stepping stone for promoting your latest track or upcoming shows, it’s essential to have a layout with up-to-date information.

Elements Included in Your EPK

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Link Your Tunes

If your music is on Spotify, SoundCloud or anywhere else- make sure to list links in your EPK. If you’re trying to promote your music then adding your links to your streaming services will allow promoters or agents to get a sense of your sound. Since an EPK is a working document that you can update or change, you really only want to share links to your new music. Therefore, a track from three years ago shouldn’t make the cut. If you can offer a free download with your EPK, it can help get your music in the right hands and you on a stage performing.

Provide A Bio

If you haven’t already created a bio for yourself or your group then you need to quickly write one. A bio is the main text on your EPK where you can share achievements, past shows at notable places, messages in music, and general background information. The more you have to share about yourself as clearly as possible will help people in the industry get to know you. Once they know you, they’ll be more likely to help you grow in your career whether that’s playing another gig or sharing your new track.  Although it can be tempting to add jokes, it’s better to keep your bio detailed, professional as well as factual. If you have a recent press quote, it’s a good idea to include and hyperlink it at the beginning of your bio. 

Put Your Best Photos Forward

Having one to three high-resolution photos are vital in presenting yourself or your band on an EPK. You’ll want to have high quality if not professional photos were taken because they will likely be featured on a promoters poster or agent’s roster. If you have a logo you can feature a PNG image in your EPK as well.

Here are things to consider if you’re scheduling your next photo shoot or trying to do it yourself.

Share Your Social Media & Website

An EPK can be a great reminder to keep your social media and website updated often since promoters and clients love to view an artist’s social media. Social media is growing as a key factor in the music business to show how hardworking and motivated you are about playing and sharing music. Adding links to your Facebook page, Instagram, or other platforms you are most active on is a good move. Often promoters and agents are looking at your social media handles to grasp how active you are and what your audience engagement is like. Having steady audience engagement in comments and likes can ensure promoters that you can draw a crowd. Additionally, sharing a link to your website allows access to greater information about you, your style and presence.

For more information on enhancing your social media, check out our post on using social media express yourself.

Last but not least, provide your contact information which should be an official artist or band email as well as a number to call. Once your EPK is ready you can save it as a PDF with active links or even send it out through a Dropbox link.