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A Songwriters Way For Pitching Music to An Artist

As a songwriter, you may dream of having top voices in the industry breathe life into your lyrics and melodies. There is nothing more thrilling than to see that actually happen. Before your music can reach an artist, you’ll have to pitch your concept and product. Pitching doesn’t have to be as daunting or unreachable as it may seem. To demystify the song-pitching approach here are tips for getting your songs cut by a recording artist.

Let’s begin by getting a clarification of what it means to get your song cut. It means an artist has agreed to hear your pitch and most likely, work with you. As the songwriter and owner of your original song, you can license your work to be recorded by an artist. Therefore, you’re allowing a singer the right to use it. This is a great source of income via performance royalties and publishing.


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Get To Know Local Artists:

If your ultimate goal is to have top artists record your songs one day then you have to build a network. It is a smart move to get involved in your local or regional music scene and befriend artists. This way the people you want to work with will know your passion for songwriting. Artists can introduce you to a world of musicians and collaborate with you. To stay involved, look into local shows and festivals, talk to resident artists after their performances, and connect with them over social media and email.

Participate in Pitch Sheets:

Pitch sheets, also called tip sheets, are directory lists that you can subscribe to. By subscribing to pitch sheets like SongLink or Taxi, you can have closer contact with artists and know what they are looking for in a project. Artists will usually share what type of song they need, details about a project, and how to contact them. Going this route can entail sending out many emails to introduce yourself and follow-up on listings as well as examples of your music via CD. Yet, it can be a great way to gain your first cut as a songwriter.

Make Your Song Relevant:

You want to make sure that your song fits well with the artist you are looking to work with. If you can create a song that an artist can personally relate to that is an extra plus. The way to do this is through research: read their interviews and bio and learn their musical style. Studying the artist’s music and learning about them as a person is a big help in curating a song that is specific and one they are likely to say yes to.

Have Polished & Ready Pitches:

To make competitive pitches you want to make sure the work you’re presenting is polished. It’s a good idea to have at least two songs ready for an artist to listen to. Pick your two best songs and ask for permission to send a CD. The presentation also matters in a polished pitch. Once you have your songs loaded on a CD make sure your labeling looks professional and clean–not handwritten.