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A$AP Rocky Samples Indie Rock Vibes In ‘Sundress’ Single

A$AP Rocky has been named “the world’s flyest human” by GQ style for his free-flowing and unique style. He isn’t only stylish for his fashion sense but also for his approach to the Hip-Hop art. The New York rapper is no stranger to mixing genres and standing out. His latest single ‘Sundress’ totally reflects that.

The American rapper samples Tame Impala’s “Why Won’t You Make Up Your Mind?” offering a rich influx of indie rock qualities.

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‘Sundress’ was co-produced by Danger Mouse who is known for mixing Hip-Hop, Alternative Rock and more into his productions. The dreamy chord progressions and steady drumbeats of Tame Impala combine richly with Rocky’s verses. A collaboration between the two musical forces was rumored and fell through in the past. Yet, A$AP Rocky’s ‘Sundress’ seems a fitting combination of artists and genres.

The rapper has definitely been busy as ‘Sundress’ follows his latest album studio album Testing. A$AP Rocky also announced that he will be kicking off his Injured Generation Tour in January. 

Watch The Official Music Video of ‘Sundress’ By A$AP Rocky