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Alicia Keys And Music Industry Powerhouses Initiate ‘She Is The Music’ Organization

As an initiative for more diversity and inclusion, the She Is The Music non-profit organization was created by a host of powerhouse individuals in the music industry. Alicia Keys announced the organization’s launch during her speech at the National Music Publishers Association’s annual meeting, where she was honored as Icon SongwriterThe goal for the She is the Music non-profit is to increase the number of women working in the global music industry, from songwriters and engineers to lighting directors and choreographers. 

Jungle City Studios’ Ann Mincieli, Universal Music Publishing Group chairman and CEO Jody Gerson, and WME partner and head of East Coast Music department Sam Kirby Yoh — are the outstanding women who brought their skills together and began the call to action with Alicia Keys. The vetted music community along with Keys is set to launch the program in 2019.

Photo Via Megan Ambers

The four women began meeting and constructing a plan for actionable steps to help females after the shocking study conducted by the USC Annenberg Inclusion Initiative. The study reported the startling gender gap across the whole music industry. Now, She Is the Music has designed programs like all-female songwriting camps, an industry database a women creators, and a mentorship program for high school and college students.

Words by Alicia Keys:

“I’ve joined forces with a group of really powerful female executives, songwriters, artists, engineers, producers and publishers to help reshape the industry that we all love by creating real opportunities and a pipeline of talent for other women.” 

Watch Alicia Keys Speak Up About She Is The Music:


The Global Industry Database and mentorship program will be spearheaded by Billboard. Applicants can apply to join the database on www.sheisthemusic.org. Billboard’s partnership is looking to be an amazing aspect of She Is The MusicThe Global Industry Database is striving to be an impactful and useful tool in changing hiring practices. Sam Kirby Yoh mentioned, “If it’s 3 a.m. and someone is looking for female engineers in Memphis or someone is going on tour and would like to have more females as part of the crew, it will be in the database,” adds Yoh. “It can be an umbrella you go to when you’re looking for more diversity in regards to you’re hiring.”

She Is The Music is looking to change the music world.  It will be the safety net, full of resources and support, that women truly need.