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Anderson .Paak Will Take You ‘Anywhere’ With This New Hit

The rapidly emerging Hip-Hop artist, Anderson .Paak, is wowing audiences with his latest release. Born and raised in Oxnard, California, he recently dropped a new album named after his hometown. Featured in Oxnard is the shining track titled ‘Anywhere’ Ft. Snoop Dogg & The Last Artful, and Dodgr. ‘Anywhere’ with the efforts of all the notable artists, results in a smooth release with a funky beat and deft vocals.

Anderson .Paak’s vocals are on point, serving as a perfect balance between raspy and sensual.

Photo Via SoundCloud

‘Anywhere’ has a strong old-school feel that sets such a chill atmosphere whether listening through headphones or in a room full of people. Snoop Dogg opens the song, setting the nostalgic tone with verses centered on the come-up days. Paak ensures to the love interest in the song that he can offer an escape from the mundane. Like rewinding time, ‘Anywhere’ whisks the listener away into an old-school escape. Paak artfully sampled lines “cutie pie you’re the reason why…” from 1970s R&B and funk band One Way. As well, the running bassline and snippets of whispered background vocals anchor the throwback nature of the track.

It’s not unlike Anderson .Paak to create music dedicated in part to his home of California with other albums entitled Venice and Malibu. It seems Paak is trying and succeeding at becoming a number one Cali artist. If you want more songs like ‘ Anywhere,’ Oxnard is full of silky and sensual contemporary R&B. Talented rappers like J. Cole and Kendrick Lamar make notable appearances on the album, rounding out the bundle of striking songs.

Listen to ‘Anywhere’ by Anderson .Paak