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‘Apple Music for Business’ Could Be The Next Thing You Hear At Your Local Retail Shop

In recent news, Apple has sparked the interest of building music streaming services specifically for retails, bars, and restaurants: ‘Apple Music for Business.’ On November 29, the Cupertino-based technology has officially filed a trademark application for ‘Apple Music for Business,’ in the US Patent and Trademark Office.

According to the information provided by the trademark filing, it states that ‘Apple Music for Business’ goal is to “broadcast and transmission of streamed music, audio, video, and multimedia content by means of radio, television, internet, and satellite for business use.”

Andreas Liffgarden- Soundtrack Your Brand Co-Founder and Chairman stated:

“We need a new generation of B2B streaming services, attractive to business owners, that make sure music makers get fair compensation.”


In a recent study conveyed by Nielsen Music, (coinciding with his statement), resulted that rightsholders around the globe may be losing more than $2.60 billion each year because a small business like retails, restaurants and more are playing music in the background from personal streaming platforms.

With Apple’s new launch, this service could be accommodating for both the music and business owners at both ends.