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Billie Bodega Is Here To Empower With ‘Ode To A Dead Princess’

R&B singer Billie Bodega creates a bop-worthy track with ‘Ode to A Dead Princess.’ It has all the makings of a fresh contemporary R&B song with a jamming beat and soulful delivery. After listening to ‘Ode to A Dead Princess’ you’ll be clamoring for more from the Los Angeles native. The new track is one of many from Billie Bodega’s latest EP titled Koo da Ta.

‘Ode to A Dead Princess’ starts with a gentle and smooth keyboard progression. The whimsical tones are followed by Bodega’s rich, soaring vocals mixed with poignant staccato messages of girl power inspiration.

Photo Via Facebook

Confirmed on her Facebook, Billie Bodega mentioned this single “was the song I needed to hear in 1997- better late than never.” The post also accompanied a photo of the singer as a young girl in a frilly pink dress looking positively spunky and rebellious. Bodega features lyrics that are bound to stick in anyone’s heart and mind. Therefore, it’s safe to say the singer herself needed to hear lines like,“Princess dry your eyes. I don’t wanna see you cry, you no longer have to hide.”

Young Billie Bodega via Facebook

Listen to “Ode To A Dead Princess” by Billie Bodega