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Billie Eilish Encourages Listeners to ‘Come Out And Play’

After being named one of many Artists To Watch in Vevo’s 2018 DSCVR program, Billie Eilish shares a sweet new song entitled ‘Come Out and Play.’ Even with its soft and subtle beat, ‘Come out and play’ is a song you’ll want to add to your relaxation playlist. Melodic guitars strum perfectly accompanying the hushed tones of Eilish. The song is ideal for streaming when you’re ready to snuggle up. Also, when you’re ready to amp up, Eilish offers a steady electronic climax. The influx of radiant Pop beats blends perfectly with the mellow tone of the overall song.


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The singer-songwriter displays her mastery of storytelling in the new release. Her angelic voice sings encouragements of “I know you may seem nervous, but I promise you it’s worth it. Show everything you kept inside, don’t hide.” The message is wholesome even while it upholds Eilish’s signature haunting style.

Billie Eilish is young and full of star power so much so that she was named a Pop prodigy by Harper’s Bazar. The Los Angeles-bred artist is a teenager making headway in the industry as powerhouse up-and-comer. Her debut single ‘Ocean Eyes’ was a viral sensation. With over 3mil. streams on Spotify, you can find her touring from Los Angeles and Europe. Hitting France, Italy and many more, Eilish is leaving a trail of sold-out shows in her wake.  Her latest single continues to demonstrate why she’s a growing talent.


Watch ‘Come Out and Play’ by Billie Eilish: