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Black Coffee Slows Down Time With A Soothing Tune ‘Wish You Were Here’

DJ Black Coffee has unleashed the release of a new melodic track via Ultra Music titled ‘Wish You Were Here.’ It’s a beautiful instrumental piece with piano keystrokes overlaid a jazz-infused tune. The South African producer took a more of laid-back spin with ‘Wish You Were Here.’ Compared to his past releases that are higher tempo- this track offers an infectious blend of soothing beats with a rhythmic house sound.


Song Cover of ‘Wish You Were Here’ via Facebook

‘Wish You Were Here’ is a great wrap up for the busy musician. Since he was seen around the globe performing at festivals like Coachella, Tomorrowland, and NY Terminal 5.  In addition to working with the likes of Jorja Smith, Alicia Keys, and Drake, Black Coffee has reached double platinum selling status with his multiple award-winning album ‘Pieces Of Me.’

After a busy year, there is so much more to look forward to from the producer. Take a peek at his upcoming events and purchases passes here.

Listen To Wish You Here by Black Coffee