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Build An Empire Of Audiences By Doing These Three Steps

Despite having an amazing talent as an artist either singing, producing, or instrumentalist- that’s still not enough to gain an ideal audience. It’s a tough world out there in the music industry, however, with the right tools and guidance, you can obtain the audience for your creative work. In our next How To Series, we decided to highlight three steps that anyone could follow and note to build an empire of audiences.

Brand Awareness-Networking-Collaboration

Photos via Pexels

Brand Awareness

Who are you? What does your brand represent? This is a system to clarify also what your goals are and what you represent. Having a strong presence can capture new audiences (fans) so they won’t forget who you are. It’s important and crucial to have a brand that resonates with fans. This includes a style, image, and what you do on and off stage. Part of the branding process is having the listener searching your work through social media after taking them away musically. Once you are discovered, everything you post visually and say should match up with your voice and brand.


There’s no question as to if this method is crucial with building your audiences. This is a method of developing relationships that are beneficial to both parties. How would anyone know who you are if you don’t put yourself out there? Meet people and attend events that match the field you are in. Share business cards and exchange strong handshakes. Your presence in an event is widely important if you make an impact. Parties that could be involved are managers, photographers, producers, other artists (collaborations), and many more. Learn more about this process here.


Collaboration is a tool many people don’t think is liable. Imagine partnering with someone who has already gained a massive following and audience. Partnering with those who have successfully made an impact will assist you to be able to gain the same. Don’t get too excited by just partnering with people to assist your growth. You want to assure its a high-quality collaboration where the outcome will draw attention despite who is on the other end of the mic.

The last three steps are only a few of many other elements to incorporate to your career. Learn more how to grow your audiences and also, bloom your career by reading how to make money with Sync Licensing.