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Camila Cabello Becomes The Newest “Save The Children” Ambassador

You may have heard her infectious single ‘Havana,’ streaming on Spotify or over the radio waves. Now, Cuban-American singer-songwriter, Camila Cabello is extending herself beyond music as the newest Save The Children ambassador. Her mission is to assist in advocating for the rights of children in the U.S. and abroad. As an ambassador, Cabello recently made a trip to a daycare center in Puerto Rico affected by Hurricane Maria.

Her ambassadorship was announced on Nov. 27th, which is national Giving Tuesday. PEOPLE magazine noted in their exclusive feature that her participation held significant bearing being announced on the specific day which celebrates and supports philanthropy.  Her social media power has already been praised by Carolyn Miles, the CEO and President of Save The Children for raising awareness of the issues facing children in Puerto Rico and beyond. Carolyn Miles stated:

“Camila has shown unwavering support in our work to reach every last child. We are grateful for all she has done to call attention to the issues children face globally by using her strong social media presence and speaking out to her audience of highly engaged fans.”


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Photo by Gabriel Gonzales Via People

Camila Cabello visited the daycare with her mom and participated in meditation classes as well as reading with the children during her time there. It was a sentimental decision that motivated Cabello to make the journey altogether.

“I’m a Cuban-American. I grew up on an island in the Caribbean and felt compelled to help the people impacted by Hurricane Maria in whatever way I could,” Cabello told PEOPLE. “I am thankful to have met these strong, brave children and families who still need our support. Seeing Save the Children’s dedicated staff in Puerto Rico was truly inspiring.”


Hurricane Maria was a truly devastating storm and noted by CNN as the second deadliest hurricane in the U.S. in over a century. Puerto Rico is still recuperating. Yet, it seems like Camila Cabello was able to uplift the children and draw attention to the issues still facing Puerto Rico.