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242 Wythe Ave #4, Brooklyn, NY 11249

The 99% Podcast

New York City-bred, 78RPM is an alternative pop-rock band shaking up expectations. Members J Dub, GC, and Richie Cheeks come from all walks of the music industry, bringing together their songwriting and producing talent. 78RPM shares a combination of anthem-like

Alex Marie Brinkley is an electronic pop singer-songwriter that creates masterpieces from personal experience and complete honesty. Recognized internationally and locally, she's worked with Grammy-winning songwriters and with multi-platinum producers. With such collaboration creating innovative crafts of songs, she earned

ZØYA originally from Belarus is an Indie-pop singer-songwriter and recording artist living in Los Angeles City. Growing up around Christian music, she found the likes in inspirational and instrumental music. Starting at only six years old, her influences and artistic skills