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Deezer and Triton Partner For Bringing Better Value To Brands

The online streaming service Deezer has confirmed the desire to bring more value to brands who wish to advertise on its platform. Today, Deezer announced the partnership with Triton Digital to have an improvement in its advertising abilities. The app is a platform for anyone and everyone to be able to stream their music on the go.

Teaming up was in result of launching a new mobile programmatic audio advertising for Deezer’s non-paid members. According to Triton, it’s going to be a meaningful improvement in advertising efficiency. Also, bringing more value for both brands and free members.

Deezer Photo via Facebook

Statement by Triton:

“Deezer’s audio advertising is non-skippable and will play only one unique audio ad per break, which guarantees increased brand visibility, without heavily disrupting the user experience.”

For those who don’t know, Triton provides services and technology for the podcast and digital audio industry. It enables broadcasters, music services, and podcasters to continue to build an audience while also, maximizing their revenue.

With this partnership, more brands and publishers will have better chances for increased awareness and visibility.