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242 Wythe Ave #4, Brooklyn, NY 11249

Driver Spotlight: Meet Conan

Meet Conan, our Steereo driver of the month! We had a chat with him about his life, music and why he chose to drive with Steereo. If you want to get to know Conan like we did, check out our conversation! 

Where do you drive and what’s the best thing about that area? 
I drive in the Washington DC (& occasionally Baltimore) metro area. The best thing about this area is it has a somewhat laid back urban feel to it & you encounter a diverse population of passengers.

How has Steereo benefitted you?
It provides that extra boost to my rideshare earnings that gives me a bit more flexibility with my budget & I can allocate the funds where needed…e.g. gas for the car, a couple spur of the moment groceries or takeout for dinner, a lil bit extra in one of the credit card payments or other bills, etc.

Who are your top 3 favorite music artists?
My music taste is eclectic & narrowing to a fave 3 is way too limiting…Michael Jackson, 116 Clique, Madonna, Earth Wind & Fire (EWF), Stevie Wonder, Nirvana, Prince, Rage Against the Machine, Fresh Prince (Will Smith), I could go on & on.

What is the best concert you have ever been to?
Haven’t been to very many…but at the top would be EWF (went w/ my wife & that’s her fave group). And for variety a couple HFStivals (music festival hosted by a former “alternative” music station that’s had performers ranging from Switchfoot to Eminem and a whole lot of groups & artists in between).

Who is your favorite artist or what is your favorite song you discovered from Steereo?
Can’t narrow that down either & I’ve liked most of what I’ve heard…currently my fave playlists are the Electronic and R&B Sunrise playlists…if I must give names, I like Hello World by Angel Reckley, Liar by Elan Suave, Make Way by Keith Cullen, Smile & Invicible both by PALA, The Sign by Lyon Hart, Broken Strings by Wacomo, Trippin by Conro, The Middle by Monro, Two Stars by Acoustic Minds, Ride Through by Karma Fields, & Wherever You Go by Michelle Leclercq…I’m leaving out a few others I really like, but I can’t name every song on the playlists (well I could…particularly the Electronic playlist, but I’m trying to keep my responses more or less brief).

What is your favorite story regarding driving rideshare? (ex. Someone who really appreciated your help or something really funny.) 
I’m not really one for stories…but I’ve had a couple shared rides that turned out interesting…in one case, this young lady got in & it turned out she and another passenger (who’d just broken up w/ his boyfriend recently) knew a few folks in common & by the end of the ride they’d agreed she was gonna hook him up w/ a friend of hers that she thought he’d get along w/ really well.

Advice for new Steereo Drivers (be nice! lol) 
Familiarize yourself with the songs in all the playlists (that won’t be hard) so you have a feel for what your personal favorite lists are as well as what might be more suitable genres for your pax given the time & location when you’re driving them. Be mindful that the playlists can sometimes get a bit repetitive and often overlap…but eventually you may find that the music grows on you.

What is something you want the artists on Steereo to know about the drivers?
We enjoy their work and fully support their efforts to get it out there to as many listeners as possible. Keep up the good work & we look forward to hearing more of it in the future!

If you’re a Steereo driver and want to share your stories with us, email us at community@steereo.com