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242 Wythe Ave #4, Brooklyn, NY 11249

EDM Artists OUNO Debut New Sound With The Track ‘Lost At Sea’

Based in Richmond, VA is two rising young producers named OUNO with a brand new single called ‘Lost At Sea’ featuring Keaton Lusk.  After releasing contagious remixes, ‘Lost At Sea’ is an introduction to OUNO capability to capture an elegant essence.

OUNO enamors listeners with a fragile feel epitomized by reverberated vocals from Keaton and a basic live instrumental drop that hits the center.

Photo of the EDM duo

The two producers are a well-known duo in the local EDM scene of Richmond in the east coast. After capturing a small following, they recently had the opportunity to open up for the famed producer and DJ Gryffin. In the coming weeks, as you continue to hear more of their music, you’ll realize their sound is unique of its own. Their influences pull similar sounds from famed artists like Armen Van Helden, Pink Floyd, Hotel Garuda, and many more. With a vigorous desire and passion to shine like no other, OUNO is a duo to keep insight in the coming years.

Listen To ‘Lost At Sea’ Featuring Keaton Lusk