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Fall Madly In Love With Dwilly’s Crush-tastic ‘Birds And The Bees’

The Carpenters nailed the romantic perspective with their iconic lyric ‘Why do birds suddenly appear¬†every time you are near.’ With Dwilly’s latest release ‘Birds and the Bees’, they have taken that notion and ran with it to the nearest florist to get a dozen in the roses.¬†The LA-based producer/DJ Dwilly has made an impressive impact with his abilities since his first single in April, and ‘Birds and the Bees’ is no different.

There’s something relatable and pure about a song having the forefront intention of making you want to vibe with the one you’re sweet on.

Bids And The Bees Song Cover by Dwilly via Facebook

This breezy and energetic bop follows the cadence of someone unabashedly crushing on their significant other. With an outcome like that it almost makes you want to skip. The beginning chords are supplemented with the natural sound of birds chirping. It draws inspiration from the world of soul house and nearly Stevie Wonder-esque melody and rhythm. Both contemporary in its production and phrasing, it could easily have been a hit in the 70’s or 80’s. It’s essentially anytime there was a sunshine in the party. That’s a testament to its strength to the songwriting and composition, and the universal appeal of something both new and timeless.

During a moment in music where they are plenty of focus on love-lost, Dwilly reminds us that it all starts from a place of absolute joy.

DWILLY after a show via Facebook

Dwilly has been known to be a producer of pop and electronic music. His history reflects stacking songs charted at #24 on iTunes and #48 on the Global Viral Spotify Chart. Not only leaving imprints on streaming services, but he’s also has performed at festivals like Outside Lands.

Listen To ‘Birds and the Bees’ by Dwilly:





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