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Still have Questions?

How do I get my music on Steereo?

Getting your music on Steereo is a relatively easy process. Visit our artist sign-up page to apply for membership and to submit your music for review. You will only be charged once your application has been approved.

It’s important to note that Steereo is a promotional platform. For the time being, we are partnering with independent artists who can work within a royalty-free system for promotional purposes.

Right now we do not work with labels, distributors or aggregators, however, this may change in the near future.

We assume all song(s) sent for onboarding are in full compliance. Any reported issue once a song is onboarded will be reviewed in full by our music team. Song(s) under review will be temporarily suspended pending review results.

If you have any additional questions, please reach out to our music team at music@mysteereo.com

How much is Steereo?

Access to Steereo is $12.99 one-time application fee. After that you can create music campaigns based on your budget and schedule.

What do you look for when selecting music?

We typically select applicants based on a number of factors with the ability to enhance the driving experience at the top.

Here’s what we look for when selecting music:

  • High-Quality Production – Is the music mixed and mastered for an ideal listening experience?
  • Creativity – Does the artist have the ability to fit inside a mold and/or break them? Does the song evoke an emotion?
  • Branding – Does the artist brand themselves in an interesting and creative way? What’s their story?
  • Promotion – Does the artist support their craft with shows, social media, and other marketing efforts? Do the efforts reflect a level of creative and/or public interest?
  • Rideability – Does the music sound good as you ride? Could you imagine hearing it on the radio or other curated platforms?
I found my music on Steereo but I didn’t added it. How did it end up on Steereo?

Hmmm. This might be a case of a manager or someone within your team adding your music. Check with your internal team to see if this is the case.

Another scenario might be a collaborator adding your music. Prior to onboarding, we ask all artists to confirm whether or not they have permission to distribute from all relevant parties.

If there are any issues with your music being on Steereo without permission, please feel free to contact our music team directly at music@mysteereo.com.

My music was removed from Steereo. What happened?

The last thing we want to do is remove music. It literally breaks our heart. However, there are certain guidelines we must adhere to in order to continue being a fun and vibrant community.

Here are some reasons why your music may have been removed:

  • Offensive, Violent, or Inappropriate Music

This includes: Hate speech, bullying, and excessive threats of violence

At Steereo, we do not tolerate offensive or violent content AT ALL. We are an inclusive community filled with members from various cultures, countries, communities, and backgrounds. It’s also worth noting that just became something is disagreeable doesn’t mean it’s a violation of our guidelines. It’s a fine line that we work hard to maintain.

If you feel like your music has been wrongfully removed, please contact our music team at music@mysteereo.com.

  • Music Related Issue

This includes: ownership, publishing, and other music rights issues.

Your music may have been removed due to a music-related issue submitted to our team. We take all music related issues very seriously. It’s important that we take the time to conduct a thorough review in order to maintain our standards and integrity. Song(s) under review will be temporarily suspended pending review results.

If you feel like your music has been wrongfully flagged for review, please contact our music team at music@mysteereo.com.

How do I remove my music from Steereo?

We’re so sorry to see you go. To start, I would first reconsider haha.

All jokes aside, if you would like to remove your music from Steereo, please email our music team at music@mysteereo.com. You will be charged up until the end of the most recent payment cycle.

What are the specs when uploading album artwork?

All album artwork must meet these required specs:

  • Square and a minimum of 300px wide and high
What are the specs when uploading a song?

All song files must meet these required specs

  • bitrate of 192 and sample rate of a 44,100 (minimum)

Not sure whether your file meets our requirements? Use our Audio Validator tool to confirm prior to submission.

My song/album title, album art and/or artist name is wrong. How do I fix it?

We can fix that for you right away! Please contact our music team with the subject title: Correction – (your name) at music@mysteereo.com.

Make sure to add all correction details in the email body and our team will make the changes.

What type of analytics does Steereo offer?

Steereo offers analytics that allows artists to better understand the activity surrounding their sessions.  Here’s what we currently offer:

  • Number of songs played
  • Session Geolocation
  • Time of Day

In the future, we will offer additional geographic and demographic analytics. Stay tuned!

Are riders able to know it’s my song playing?

There are several ways riders can know your song is playing:

  • We send drivers weekly artist updates and encourage them to learn basic artist’s info.
  • Upon an inquiry, a driver can tell who’s playing by checking our interface.
  • Riders can also use tools like Shazam and Siri to identify music from the comfort of the backseat.

We’ll continue to work towards providing interesting ways for fans to get to know

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