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Still have Questions?

What is Steereo?

Steereo is a marketing and analytics platform for emerging and independent artists to get their music played in rideshares (Uber, Lyft, Via, etc). As an artist manager, you can use Steereo to see how your artists are performing in our rideshare experience.

How do I sign up?

It’s simple. Here’s the sign-up process:

Typically approved within 1-2 business days.
Once an account has been approved, you can submit your artist’s new releases for approval.
Approved music gets added to playlists; music is played for rideshare passengers (Uber, Lyft, Via, etc).
See how riders are listening to your artist’s music and where their songs chart.
What are the specs when uploading my artist’s song?
All song files must meet these required specs
  • Mp3 (192kbps minimum) & 44.1k Sample rate or above

Not sure whether your file meets our requirements? Use our Audio Validator tool to confirm prior to submission.

How will I know how my artist’s music is performing?

Managers can view in-depth analytics on our Artist Dashboard. On the dashboard, you can click your artist’s icon. Once you have done this, you can click the icon for any specific song that you would like a closer look at.

In which cities is Steereo playing?

We’re currently active in New York City and Austin, but we will be nationwide soon!

How do I run a campaign for my artist?

If you are interested in doing a campaign for your artists with Steereo, please contact bookings@steereo.com

Do artists receive royalties?

Steereo plays are considered paid advertisements, therefore are not counted as performance royalties.

Are there other perks and opportunities for my artists?

Yes! Steereo artists also have access to opportunities like:

  • Gigs
  • Events
  • Workshops
  • Sync Licensing & Ad Placement
  • Social Media Placement

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