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Still have Questions?

What is Steereo?

Steereo is new radio for rideshare; a new way for artists to promote their music and reach new audiences. We utilize our network of drivers (Uber, Lyft, and others) to promote new releases.

How much does it cost?
  • One time fee of $12.99
  • Set your budget and book campaigns at $0.05 per minute
Where is Steereo available?

Steereo is currently active in New York (NYC), Texas (Austin) and California (Los Angeles). Stay tuned as new markets launch!

How do I sign up?
  1. APPLY

Visit Steereo.com and complete the application form including profile links including website, music streaming platforms, and/or social media.

Account review typically takes 1-2 business days.



Following account approval, you’re ready to submit music! Approved music is then scheduled for playlist placement.

Music review typically takes 1-2 business days.

What do you look for when approving music?

Enhancing the overall ride experience is our top priority. The key thing we listen for is Radio Quality:

  • The track has been recorded in a professional manner
  • The track has been mixed and mastered


Please keep in mind we only accept cover songs that have received license from original artist.

What are the specs when uploading album artwork?

Album artwork must meet these required specs:

  • Square and 300px wide and higher (minimum)

For best quality, we advise using a high-quality photo and 900px wider or higher

What are the specs when uploading a song?

All song files must meet these required specs:

  • Bitrate of 192 and sample rate of a 44,100 (minimum)
I uploaded my music to Steereo. How do I check for an update?

Check your submission status directly on the Artist Dashboard. Sign in to your account for access.

Submission statuses are as follows:

  • Draft – Submission is incomplete
  • Submitted – Song is under review
  • Approved – Song was approved and scheduled for playlisting
  • Added to Playlist – Song was added to a playlist for distribution
  • Rejected – Song was not approved and Playlisted
My music was not approved? Why?

We take several things into consideration when approving music (See: What Do You Look For When Approving Music?) however, scheduling can also be a factor in song the approval process.


Please don’t take it personally if your music was not approved. We approve artists based on their ability to make quality content. We believe in your art and encourage you to continue to submit.

How will I know my music is performing?

Artists and Managers can view in-depth analytics on our Artist Dashboard. Sign in to your account for access. We offer various artists analytics and insights:


  • Number of Plays
  • Number of Hours Played
  • Audience Reaction
  • Best Time Recieved
  • Number of Playlists
  • Daily Impressions
  • Most Popular Songs
  • Placement on the Steereo Top 100

What is a Campaign?

Campaigns are how your music gets distributed. Create campaigns based on budget and schedule. Available on your dashboard.

How much does a Campaign cost?

Campaigns are $0.05 per minute and can be set to fit any budget.

My music is on Steereo but I wasn’t the one who added it. How did it end up on Steereo?

This may be due to your label/management team adding your music. Check with your team to see if this is the case. Another scenario may be a collaborator adding your music. We advise artists to obtain permission to distribution from all relevant parties.


If there’s an issue with your music being on Steereo, please contact our music team directly at music@mysteereo.com.

Do artists receive royalties?

Steereo plays are considered paid advertisement and promotion, therefore are not counted towards royalties.

Are there any other perks and opportunities?

We look to provide our artist community with professional opportunities both on and off the road. Here are some ways we support artists and their careers:

  • Gigs
  • Events
  • Artist Education
  • Sync Licensing & Ad Placement
  • Social Media Placement


Join our [Artist Facebook Group] to stay up to date with the latest opportunities.

How do I remove my music from Steereo?

If you would like to have a specific song edited or removed, please contact us directly at music@steereo.com

If you would like to permanently delete your account, the Account page on your dashboard allows you to make account changes as well as cancel.

Please don’t hesitate to email us at music@steereo.com with any concerns or questions you may have.

Are riders able to know it’s my song playing?

There are several ways riders can know your song is playing:

  • Driver to Rider communication: The song, artist name, and cover art are visible on the driver’s phone when app is active.
  • Riders can also use tools like Shazam and Siri to identify music from the comfort of the backseat.
  • We send drivers weekly artist updates and encourage them to share artist info when asked.

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