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Get In The Spooky Holiday Spirit With This Weeks Top Ten Tracks

Swing your hips into this spooky holiday season with this week multi-genre Top Ten Tracks.

10. “Hundreds” by Digital Nas

Hailing from Atlanta, GA is the record producer and artist Digital Nas with a brand new single on Steereo called ‘Hundreds.’ With the original sounds of Hip-Hop, Hundreds has already gained over 147k views on Youtube. See it for yourself below.


09. “Did You Suffer” by Bronco

Seems like the young Rock & Soul singer-songwriter from LA Bronco has become a staple in our Top Ten. It could be his stylish looks but his soft vocals and emotional lyrics keep fans coming back.

‘Did You Suffer’ Song Cover via IG

08. “Entertain Me” by CUTTS

Just like the soulful vocalist above, this two dynamic duo CUTTS have made it clear, they aren’t going anywhere. The two best friends have collaborated to bring forward an alt-pop electro catchy single. Listen for yourself and note how addictive it is.

07. “Make A Move” by ChrisLee

The very meditative and yogi ChrisLee lands the constant spotlight with this pop single overlayed with his melodic vocals nailing all the right keynotes.

06. “Say Something” by Keith Cullen

Irish singer-songwriter Keith Cullen is an inspiring multi-genre artist. Empowered by the beauty of life and it’s challenges, the Gossies award winner lands in this weeks’ Top Ten with a single always remaining on repeat.

05. “Pray for you” by ChrisLee ft. Niko The Kid

Landing a secondary spot on this week’s Top Ten is ChrisLee with a collaboration single with Niko The Kid. ChrisLee takes a turn with this one by infusing an EDM producer to the mix for dance-pop melody.

04. “Waiting” by JLP

The multi-talented singer Jordan Lane Price is another stapled artist on Steereo’s chart. Not only pleasing the ears, but she has also been recognized for showing off her film & tv talents as an actress.

03. “flis” by Emilia Ali

The all so dreamy Emilia Ali for the first time is on our Top Ten charts with a brand new heavenly single ‘flis’ layered with her nostalgic vocals.

02. “Lie” by NF

The dark and emotional rapper NF continues to earn a spot on our charts with his single that signifies strong emotions.

NF via IG

01. “Before the sun goes down” by The New Respects

The team of four- The New Respects is a brand new group to Steereo. With only a few weeks in, they landed at NO. 1 with their soulful Rock & Roll pop single ‘Before the sun goes down.’ Watch its official music video that’s racked over 500k views already on Youtube.