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242 Wythe Ave #4, Brooklyn, NY 11249

Get Intimate With CUTTS On Their Latest Single Time For You

Just because the vibes of summer are slowly transitioning into the ‘cuffing season’, it doesn’t mean that the mood and atmosphere have to go away- it just shifts. Like the leaves changing in the autumn, CUTTS delicately transposes the mid-tempo grooves of the poolside season and slows it down; lets us think, let’s us enjoy the peace. Ahead of the current musical curve, CUTTS has delivered an intimate and warm track called ‘Time For You’ that includes the recent nods back to adult-contemporary-meets-trip-hop with a still sharp and relevant tonality and production.

Over a bed of woozy electric pianos, warm rhythmic beats, and thoughtfully sultry vocals, it lends itself to the perfect track to completely take advantage of sweater weather with your sweetie.

Time For You Song Cover by Cutts via Facebook

The history of the duo intel of two musicians who became close friends starting out in DC and later moved to NYC. After one of them lost a loved one, they quickly shifted their healing to making music. Lilian was the gal who initiated the start of CUTTS, but with struggles to lead this project, Bonaventure joined forces. With a strong dynamic like them two, their powerful collaboration led to making brand new music together.

The track ushers in already an introspective time of year, making that space in your mind and in your heart as you reflect. Giving you ‘dark by 6 PM with a warm drink in your hand’ type of feeling as you float along with the intricately constructed song. It might be getting colder out, but ‘Time For You’ is definitely keeping us nice and warm in the meantime. ‘Time For you’ is a signature of work that is completed by both worlds.

Listen To ‘Time For You’ by CUTTS: