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Get Into The Weekend Groove With This Weeks Top Ten Tracks

Let’s us make it easier for you to know what to tune in this weekend by listening and getting to know this week Top Ten Tracks.

#10 ‘You Say You Do’ by Sixxth

As a veteran using Steereo, Sixxth talents has remained in the spotlight with his charming tracks. ‘You Say You Do’ signify as the perfect soothing track to ring in Fall season.

Photo of Sixxth via Facebook

#09 ‘Carry You’ by Rave Radio feat. Gamble & Burke

The electronic music producers have been noticed by big-name acts like Martin Garrix, Hardwell, Dyro, and many more. Even after scoring millions of streams combined with their singles, they do not indicate to stop gleaming.

#08 ‘You Were The One’ by Mario Jose

Pop single Mario Jose not only launched this new adorable single but also released an official music video with a theme of a sing-along karaoke car ride.

#07 ‘Waiting’ by JLP

The multi-talented singer and songwriter is not only familiar to our charts but also on screen. The Pop singer is an actress who’s been featured on film and television. ‘Waiting’ reminds you of an old-school disco song but with lower tempo beats.

Photo of JLP via Facebook

#06 ‘Anxious’ by Tangina Stone

Tangina Stone just like JLP is also known to deliver tracks that are recognized on TV shows like VHI1 and TV One. Hailing from Brooklyn, her voice has taken her across the states to perform including internationally like Tokoyo.

#05 ‘Exposed’ by Tangina Stone feat. Nelly Furtado

Not only is Tangina on the Top Ten once, but she landed a secondary spot with Exposed featuring Nelly Furtado. After releasing her debut album ‘Elevate’ she quickly skyrocketed to number #27 on the iTunes Top 200 R&B albums chart.

#04 ‘Lie’ by NF

NF is a recording Hip-Hop and Alternative artist paving through the world with his storytelling music. His lyrics delineate vulnerability due to his struggles and content to share his stories.

#03 ‘Mona Lisa’ by VALNTN w/ Peter Fenn & Tray Haggerty

The Electronic and Pop instrumentalist VALNTN started at the young age of five with the likes of percussion. Years later, after launching his very own project, he sold more than 100,000 singles while earning positions on charts like iTunes and Spotify.

#02 ‘Tie Me Down’ by Gryffin

Gryffin just joined Steereo and quickly tackled the Top Ten by earning the #2 spot. He is New-York based electronic multi-instrumentalist and producer in House music infused with Indie.

#01 ‘Still New York’ by MAX & Joey Bada$$

Coming from New York City is Pop and Hip-Hop singer Max with Rapper Joey Bada$$ with ‘Still New York’ track. Max has racked up over 900k likes on Facebook, and the curiosity as to why can come to an end. Listen in to his single below and understand why he charted at number one on this weeks Top Ten Tracks.