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Get The Insights & Listen Into This Weeks Top Ten Tracks

Summer is coming to an end, but we are just getting started. The results of our Top Ten Tracks are in and it’s getting pretty heated. Learn more and listen in on the artists who earned a spot on Steereo’s charts.

#10 “On The Real” by Its Me Andre

Just recently added to our Hip-Hop playlist already landed a spot on our charts. Its Me Andre has some intense and emotional tracks, and the audiences are loving it.

Its Me Andre via Facebook

#09 “Warm At Night” by Shawn Cartel

Within a week, Warm At Night went up in ranking on the top ten. Shawn’s traits as a musician come from being in a family of DJs and rappers. After performing at the 20/20 in Cleveland, OH his fan base grew across the state and the East Coast, playing in numerous of shows the last 14 years.

#08 “Party” by Audrey

“Party” might look like a track for a wild weekend party, but don’t let it fool you. Audrey comes in at number eight with a smooth and echoed sound matched perfectly with her heavenly vocals.

#07 “Body Table” by Sol The Reject

Two weeks in and singer-songwriter Sol The Reject remains to keep a spot on the top ten. He is a LA-based artist with the likes of Hip-Hop and R&B.

#06 “Did You Suffer” by Bronco

Bronco leads a vintage and classy look while also portraying old school vibes as Rock-Soul artist. Listen in to “Did You Suffer” as he merges modern music and old-school elements.

#05 “Ghost” by The Ramona Flowers

The band that landed two spots in our top ten is The Ramona Flowers. The internationally known crew blend rock and electronic music causing to gains from all over the world.

#04 “Out Of Focus” by The Ramona Flowers

The melodic hooks infused in this single with its emotional lyrics results in a heart-wrenching sense of yearning. “Out of Focus” is part of an eleven track album that meshes rock and electronic beats.

#03 “Do My Thang” by Scout Lyons

Scout Lyons just joined Steereo and already earned is in the top five. Embracing what sets her apart from everyone else, she spreads self-love and self-confidence to listeners through music.

#02 “You Were The One” by Mario Jose

Hailing from Concord, California, Mario Jose debuted his pop single “You Were The One” along with an official music video featuring other singers, influencers, and actors. Based on a true story of a relationship, Mario takes a spin in a Tesla with the catchy single. Watch for yourself.

#01 “Holding You Close” by Late June

Want to feel like you’re listing to a dream? Then tune into Late June’s music since his production reflects ambient melodies making for a euphoric¬†atmosphere. Since he takes real life sounds of our daily lives and skillfully makes music, there wasn’t a reason why he wouldn’t be at number one in our top ten.