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Get The Right Tools For Live Streaming As Artists

Live Streaming is becoming the next best way to engage with your fans. Although nothing beats playing a live show and conversing with your fans afterward, live streaming can be a great method to answer questions and clue followers onto a new release and more. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are making it even easier to do so with statistics and resources to help you stream effortlessly. Even though it is simple to switch on a live streaming feature through your preferred social media platform, you can make the most of your mini productions with a few basic and essential tools.

First, if you’re working on building a following and want to expand your platform with great content, then it’s a great idea to create a live streaming plan. This doesn’t mean you have to plan out every detail because spontaneity can be really enjoyable and engaging. Yet, for instance, if you want to grace your followers with a short performance of a new song, then make sure the song is one you have the rights to. Often times singing covers can lead to your video getting flagged for copyright infringement. Also, if you are strategic about planning you can let followers know ahead of time that you will be live streaming on the date/time of your choice to increase viewership and interactions, especially with Q&As.

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Essential Tools for The Best Live Streams

External Mic

Since live streaming is first and foremost a mobile luxury, yet the audio quality on your smartphone isn’t always up to par with the content you want to show. Smartphones are gaining the best picture and video quality yet an external mic can still be a big help whether you live stream indoors or outside around a noisy crowd.

There are plenty of portable and compact mics on the market that plugs in directly to your iOS or Android device. External mics like the  Zoom iQ7 and Shure MV88  may be costly but they are definitely worth the purchase with the audio quality they provide.

Smartphone Tripod

With a tripod you can get a variety of angles without tiring your arms or using a prop you may have around the house. Your live stream can be steady and visually appealing while you can focus on singing or chatting with your fans. If you want a long tripod with Bluetooth or a short one with adjustable octopus legs, you can definitely find the right one to hold your phone and meet your needs.

Effective Lighting

If you start streaming and catch the perfect magic hour lighting then that’s wonderful. Yet it’s not always possible to get the best natural lighting. Therefore, having your own portable lighting can be the best option. Also, it can make organizing your live streaming session easier because you’ll be able to pop on a portable light to your smartphone.

With a little research, you can find the lighting that works for the video quality you want to share. There’s a wide range of portable clip-on lights, LED lights, or ring lights with stands. Either of these options will give you optimal lighting on the go or wherever you choose to film.

Once you have all of your equipment, then it is all the more easy to set a plan and get streaming.