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Get to Know The Songs That Rocked This Week’s Top Ten

The week is coming to a close but you can still stay in the know about the Top Ten Tracks of the week. Many of the artists who made it to this Top Ten list are new to Steereo and they are rising stars in the industry. Listeners riding with Steereo in our rideshare experience couldn’t get enough of these songs. Learn more and listen below to the tracks that took this week by storm.

#10. “Anxious” by Tangina Stone

Tangina Stone is new to Steereo and already craving her place in the Top Ten Tracks. She is a Brooklyn-based artist on a mission with features in outlets like The FADER. Her music is fresh and vulnerable and listeners are here for it.

#9. “Big Fax” by Anik Khan

Anik Khan is a Hip-Hop artist from Queens, New York and he is one of the new artist’s of Steereo. He’s bringing a new worldly perspective to East Coast rap. Watch the official music video where Anik Khan takes you into his “Big Fax”.

#8. “Lucy” by Matt Easton

The latest single by alternative hip-hop artist Matt Easton takes number 8. The track is a fun and grown-up spin on classic Beatles song “Lucy In the Sky With Diamonds.” It has perfect light beats and summertime vibes.

#7. Exposed (Feat. Nelly Furtado) by Tangina Stone

Stone is making it up the charts with another single featuring the lovely Nelly Furtado. The track catches you with a great hook and soothing beats to chillax.

#6. “Do My Thang” by Scout Lyons

The debut single by Providence, Rhode Island-bred artist Scout Lyons is still crushing the Top Ten. The in-your-face vibrant pop song is an anthem of self-acceptance.

#5. “Tie Me Down (with Elly Duhé)” by Gryffin

New York-based artist Gryffin is well-known in the electronic and house music scene for his incredible remixes. He’s new to Steereo yet Gryffin jumps onto the Top Ten with his latest single, “Tie Me Down”. The vocal power of Elly Duhé lights up his melodic beats. Listen to the track & watch the brand new music video.

#4. “You Were The One” By Mario Jose

“You Were the One” is the latest single by rising Pop artist Mario Jose. This track has sorrowful lyrics but a beat that will get you moving. You will want to dance and jump up and down with this one.

#3. “Out of Focus” by The Ramona Flowers

The Ramona Flowers is back on the chart with this their unique electronic-rock sound. They are currently on tour, spreading their music with the world. “Out of Focus” is a soothing track filled with bittersweet longing.

#2. “Ghost” by The Ramona Flowers

The Ramona Flowers are back with another stellar song. Watch the music video for “Ghost” and let the stunning visuals take you for a ride with this track.

#1. “Holding You Close” by Late June

This track by Late June is holding strong at number 1 on the Top Ten for the second week. This top spot is the perfect song to relax and chill. The artist uses found sounds from life to create ethereal tones that will cast you away into another world.