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Go Back In Time With The New Respects Groovy Single ‘Before The Sun Goes Down’

According to Rolling Stone, The New Respects are a new trending artist to watch. Their latest single ‘Before The Sun Goes Down’ is a retro-pop track paired with a groovy vintage music video. It’s a track that rewinds time and brings forward old-school vibes into the mix. Gaining over 500k views on Youtube, there is no telling what else they have up their sleeves.

Listen and Watch ‘Before The Sun Goes Down’ by The New Respects

The New Respects aren’t your average band hailing from Nashville, TN. Since growing up around Christian music, they didn’t have great hopes of making it. They initiated their journey in the beginning by being backup dancers to the Mullen’s mother. Once their curiosity led them to explore electric instruments, their career soared.

After taking some time off, The New Respects are back on tour. Get details and passes here.




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