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Hangout Music Fest Announces Star Studded Lineup With Khalid, Travis Scott, and More

If you’ve been waiting to hear about the next big music festival then you don’t need to wait any longer. Hangout Music Fest is happening May 2019 in Gulf Shores, Ala, and the festival recently released a star-studded lineup. Hangout Fest has announced Travis Scott, The Lumineers, and Khalid headlining the 2019 edition of the festival, yet the fun doesn’t stop there. Most of all, it seems like a variety of music genres will be shared and celebrated with all the artists Hangout Music Fest is set to feature.


Performing on the shore will be the likes of Cardi B, Vampire Weekend, The 1975, Hozier, Mura Masa and many more. Thus, a range of musical tastes is likely to be satisfied with all the talented acts performing. Hangout Music Fest is also calling the event “a music vacation,” and it surely will be with the immersive experiential activities readily available to festival attendees.  For the three-day event, there will be disco skating on a full-size skating rink, a puppy kissing booth and multiple beach clubs and dance parties.

If you’re ready to buy your ticket and head down to Alabama in May, be sure to venture over to the festival’s website on Tuesday, Dec. 4th when passes go on sale. In the meantime, you can find great details about lodging and transportation on the website as well to plan your music vacation.