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What You Should Look For When Hiring An Artist Manager

Once an artist has effectively accomplished to carve their flourishing career sometimes assistance is needed to unfold their vision. This may include bookings, interviews, and overall, help to make the artists’ career become even more successful. For that fact, hiring an artist manager is usually the practice to fill in the role. Various elements to take into account is understanding what a manager really does, when to initiate the search to hire a manager, and what traits or experience should an artist look after. If you are currently looking for one or want to educate yourself more on this topic, read on as we highlight all those questions into detail.

What are the manager’s responsibilities?

The primary responsibilities for an artist manager are to promote their career and assist with running their affairs related to the business. The manager’s goal should focus on securing the best of the best work at a suitable fee. These tasks include managing media relations, publicity, assisting with career strategy and direction, be an advisor when it comes to business relationships, and sometimes booking shows or tours. There are various cases where the artist will hire a separate individual to be a tour manager; however, it’s typical for the primary one to juggle that task as well.

When should you start looking to hire a manager?

Since the manager is the person to administer all the business aspects of your career, that only means you are left to do one thing which is being creative and focus on your music. Nonetheless, during the infant time-period, it’s common to see that the artist hustles tackling every task from making music and the business affairs. According to CCM Magazine, it’s very wise to educate yourself by doing it on your own initially. However, once the time comes when you have a collection of music released, you would want to start bringing awareness from listeners and fans. This is when an artist manager would be ideal and assist you with booking shows, getting publicity on your music, and much more. It will also help with allowing you to do what you are best at which is being creative making music or performing your music.

What traits should an artist manager possess?

Now once you are in the process of looking for a manager, it’s reasonable to say you would like someone who knows the ins and outs of the business. Despite them having the education, sometimes it ends up at a fail when they don’t carry valuable qualities to be successful. Hence, it’s crucial to be diligent when asking questions to learn more about their style of work.

  • The artist manager must be a visionary. Without envisioning with you what you want to do short term or long term, there won’t be room to map out properly an ideal path.
  • The music business means to also network, negotiating, and maintaining relationships. It’s critical to have people skills and not to be too shy to cold call or even develop a relationship with contacts who could assist your career.

Artist Manager <> Photo by Paulo Victor Dias via Pexels

  • Responsible and organized. There won’t be any point in time where the artist manager will be tackling one task. Especially if they plan on acquiring additional artists, they must be responsible enough to know how to juggle it while also being organized and not allow anything to fall into the cracks.
  • This is a fun business but also, a tough one. Having a thick skin and being professional is important being that there will be multiple no’s before a yes constantly. There will always be a moment where not every business contact would want to work with you, so don’t take it personally. And, your artist manager should know that too and including, how to respond to those reactions and move forward.

It could get overwhelming and frustrating when deciding who your artist manager should be. Don’t be afraid to talk to your friends too who might be interested in working in the business. There are an infinite amount of stories that tell how friends working together as an artist and manager. Having someone you know, that is passionate about the business could be an advantage for you. Even though that might not be the case, don’t rush the search. You won’t regret looking for the right person to help grow your career and assist in getting you where you have always dreamt to be.

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