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How To Communicate Effectively To Promoters & Booking Agents

Part of the journey as an artist is landing opportunities to perform in front of hundreds to thousands of people at an event or concert. Either as a headliner or an opener, whatever position you can get to perform, it’s essential to know how to communicate effectively to promoters & booking agents. Whenever an artist is independent without a label or maybe yet to hire a manager, they have to take the initiative to get those gigs. The artist can be creative and make astounding music that pleases the ears; however, that doesn’t mean conversing is their key skill.

Here Are Four Ways To Have Effective Communication With Promoters & Agents
  • Do Your Research

It’s important to know what exactly you are looking for and where you are a good fit. You don’t want to reach out to a promoter who usually books EDM artists versus when you’re in a band. Look into the venues you’ve attended yourself and enjoyed. Starting with one place and finding out who promotes there or the booking agent will give you more insight into who is the right person to contact. Feel encouraged to look up several venues or clubs that you will fit right in with your music. Knowing what your field is will you allow it to be easier to go after when you are ready.

  • Get Out In The Field

Even though technology now is wonderful by allowing us to communicate behind a screen, it still doesn’t say how personable or go-getter you actually can be. Getting out in the field like at clubs/venues, networking events or festivals becomes your gold mine. Here you have a chance to meet those who can help your career. Music networking events are usually the best ones to partake since the majority of the attendees have the end goal of meeting people in the music business. Just like at a show or festival, you have the chance to meet promoters/booking agents who are looking for acts to book. You want them to have a face they can pair up when you do communicate via electronic to continue the next steps. Therefore, the initial part of communicating effectively with these individuals is meeting them face to face and being personable.

Photo by Exchange LA (Nightowls) via Facebook

  • Prepare A Solid Pitch

Whenever you get a chance to provide your pitch, you want to deliver it seamlessly that becomes hard to say no. Your email format should be short, simple, and straight to the point. A brief introduction of yourself, where you are based, what gig dates you are looking for, and possibly list your past concerts. It’s highly encouraged to include your press kit so the contact can learn more about you. This also reflects your professionalism and how serious you are with this opportunity.

  • Be Bold & Follow-Up

Don’t allow your initial email to be the only time they hear from you. The booking agents/promoters are very busy and probably have tons of emails just like yours in their inbox. It’s completely understandable and accessible for emails to be overlooked. This should tell you how it’s quite essential to have your email stand-out and also, to follow-up. The follow-up should be clean and straightforward without a sign of annoyance. You want to be professionally aggressive and eager. If need be, stop by one of their shows once more, and re-introduce yourself. This will convey how active you are in supporting local talent and not only interested in just yourself. Make yourself known and let them remember you.

Note, these are simple steps to communicate effectively to promoters & booking agents who could assist you in getting that gig you want. However, the competition is huge out there, and it’s possible you will get many No’s before an actual yes. What’s important to keep in mind is your eagerness and knowing to keep your momentum by contacting these places & people, will soon result in a gig you ever so deserve.

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