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How To Get Media Press As An Emerging and Established Artist

You’ve made it this far now where you’ve gotten a couple of releases published, have a permanent social media presence, and have tasted what it’s like to be an artist. The following steps are to reach new audiences through a platform that is always evolving in our modern age. The internet media aka press!

Press or media coverage is essential to get the eyes and ears of new folks who are either avid music aficionados or music industry people. You might not be at the point where you can afford to hire someone like a PR Agent or agency to do this kind of work for you. For this case, the following tips are tips to DIY to get press for your music and brand.

Let’s begin with what needs to be done if the press is the ones reaching out to you. What should they be able to find and read?

Easily accessible contact information

Through your social media and website, your contact information must be listed and up to date. For each social media platform, make sure that the sections where it asks for email or website that it’s filled. Your site should contain a Contact Me landing page where either the blogger, writer, or press could fill out a form or get an email to contact you.

Bio summary and additional resources

Your social media platforms like Facebook should have posts with new updates, accomplishments, or awards. One example, if you have performed at a well-known venue or opened for an A-level artist- post it. It could be merely a status update or sharing a photo/video of the performance. When the press is looking for what you have been up to, they will go to your feed and website.

Your awards and accomplishments must be included in your Bio listed on your site and social media sites. This means you must also keep your bio up to date which must convey who are you as a brand or artist and include your accomplishments. This of it as your own customized Wiki summary. What would you want readers to know if they were to find you on Wikipedia?

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Is no one contacting you? No worries, here is what you need to do to get the press to write about you.

First, create A Press Media Kit

Before we have covered in another How To article regards on how to create an Electronic Press Kit. You can review additional information there. However, in summary, you would want your press kit to include a bio, your music, professional photos, and website, social media, and music streaming links. Note, depending on what you want the press on- there is a difference between creating a bio press media kit and a track/album/ep press release. Later on, we talk about more about which direction to take.

Create a media email list

Now that you have your press media kit or press release ready, start creating a list of whom you want to pitch to. Depending on what you press on, depends on your contact list. If you are a specific genre, start by googling the top genre media websites. Once you find a list of those sites, individually go in, and look for a contact page. Usually, the contact page will have a section for press inquiries. Additionally, you can read over articles that show the kind of content you want for your work. In this case, you can click on the writer’s name and try to locate their contact information.

Pitch, Pitch, and Pitch

Once you have an ideal amount of contacts, you would like to pitch to, create an email and attach your media kit with it. Note, if you want to promote a new track/ep/album, you must indicate that in the body of the email. If you’re going to have coverage about yourself as an artist/brand, indicate that in the shape of the email. Once completed, attach the appropriate press release or media kit to coincide with the topic of your email. Send the email and pitch to as many contacts as you can. The more you pitch, the more possibilities you will get at least one response which is better than none.

PS: Keep it short and exciting. Most of the time these contacts already have loads of emails from people like you. Think, what can I implement to stand out from the rest of the emails?