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How to Maintain Your Health And Relationships On The Road

As an artist gaining traction in your field with streams and fans, you’ll feel the pull to perform more and more. Not only can performing help you reach new fans and grow as an artist, but traveling can also take a toll on your health. Even as you’re chasing your dream, being away from those you care about can be taxing mentally, emotionally and physically. To increase your health across the board you can follow the tips below and add them to your touring routine.

Give Yourself Personal Time

Depending on how long you’re on the road, having time to yourself becomes vitally important. To maintain mental clarity and mood it’s important to have time to reflect or even step away from the world. You’ll be grateful for this time to rest if your playing shows every night or on the move between states or even countries. Noise-canceling headphones can offer a mental retreat when you’re around people constantly. Load up your phone with a relaxing tune, your favorite albums, or soothing sounds of the ocean of that gets you into a peaceful space.

When it comes to rest, there’s also nothing better than sleep. Staying up until all hours of the night and waking up early may be a part of the touring process, yet sleep deprivation can catch up to you. Sleep deprivation can be killer to your sense of focus, attitude, and overall demeanor. Therefore, it’s important to get sleep when you can. Noise-canceling headphones can also help ease you into a peaceful sleep or nap when you need it on the road.

Working Out to Maintain Strength

As an artist, you physically exert yourself by singing, playing an instrument, and other aspects of performing. To keep up your vitality and strength, it’s entirely possible to work out while on the road. You may think you need the equipment from a gym, but that isn’t the case. Doing movements like squats, jumping jacks, lunges, sit-ups, or push-ups use your weight to provide a workout. Bringing a jump-rope can also be a beneficial workout tool. Additionally, yoga can be a quite the workout, and apps like Gaia can help you pin down a mobile yoga practice.

There are many workout routines you can find online, such as videos on YouTube or posts on Pinterest, what’s most important is finding the exercises that work for you. You will only need a small amount of space and 30 minutes to an hour to get a good exercise in.


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Food Preparation

Only due to the nature of traveling, artists have limited options on the tour of where to eat. This can cause periods of unhealthy eating with fast food. Knowing this in advance gives you an opportunity to bring healthy alternatives along like fruits, veggies, and nuts. Even as a snack, having foods like these along on the road will be better for your nutrition. When you get the chance to go to a grocery store or market, be sure to stock up on nutritious food instead of fast food that ultimately drains your energy.

Talk To Your Loved Ones

Your life can get pretty hectic on the road, yet it’s important to remember your life outside of the music and tour. Although it may seem obvious to try to do everything you can to communicate with those you care for while on the road, it can easily fall through the cracks. Making time to speaking to your loved ones, whether it’s before or after a show, in the morning or in between sets can help to balance you on the road. Your family members or best friends can encourage you or merely talking to them can keep you from falling into a funk. Keeping in contact via FaceTime, text or call can help you acclimate when you’re back home because it’ll feel less like you’ve missed out on moments.