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How To Premiere Your Latest Music Video Like A Pro

If you have a music video in the works or one already completed there’s nothing wrong with having a release plan ready. Having an idea of how you want to release your music video will help you gather as much audience attention as possible. Whether you are a musician on the rise or a seasoned artist there are a few innovative methods to release your music video by effective planning and with the help of YouTube and Facebook. You can also make your music video premiere an event by bringing it straight your fans laptops or phones. Going the digital route has its perks: your audience can tune in wherever they are and there’s hardly a cost for hosting it.

Plan & Promote Your Event

With any music video release plan, you want to get fans aware of your music video and event weeks or even months in advance. This could mean creating content while you’re shooting the music video to use as promotions in the near future. Creating a teaser clip and posting it on your social media is an effective tool to do early on and closer to the premiere. As well, when you have finalized a date to release your music video, you can share social media posts and/or teasers clips detailing a real-life or online release event.

If you are doing an in-person event, then it is best to share attention-grabbing posts months before the music video is set to release. With an idea in mind of how many viewers you would like to attend, you can find the right venue to fit your premiere.

Helpful considerations:

  • Use a projector and screen to display the music video
  • Create a time for discussion about the music video project and song
  • Have your EP available or share where your music can be found so audiences can stay engaged

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Premiere with YouTube

For desktop users, YouTube is the best option for viewing a premiere. When you have a finalized music video ready to release online, you can upload and schedule it straight to YouTube. You can easily create a buzz around the premiere as YouTube allows users to share watch page with their audience. Once the video is processed and a date and time are set the watch page will be live. This allows you to share the watch page details on your social media, website, or whatever audience engagement works best for you.

Premiere with Facebook

Have your music video reach fans with Facebook Live. You can upload and schedule your video up to a week in advance. Therefore this option works well as an additional way for fans to experience your premiere. When you’re uploading and scheduling your video, you can request an event reminder and share it with your followers. Then, the post you share will become the live event on the day and time you organize. Again, it’s a good idea to share this Facebook event on other social media platforms as well, so notify and hype up this method to watch if fans don’t use YouTube or can’t make it to your real-life event.

In both Facebook and YouTube premieres, both options allow you to converse with your viewers in real time and the video will be archived once the event is over. This, of course, adds to the perks of premiering with both platforms.