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How To Sell Merch That Connects With Your Audience

After a memorable performance that touched one’s heart, purchasing merch is the best way to state ‘I was there.’ Wearing merch by one of your favorite artists can feel like carrying a badge of pride whether it’s a t-shirt, sticker, or keychain. If fans like an artist’s music, live performance or not, they will likely want something that makes them feel closer to the music. As an emerging or established artist, you can create merch that carries this sense of value for your audience.

Selling merchandise is a fantastic way to make extra money at your events, yet if done right, it can be a chance to engage with your fanbase. Finding out what fits your audience will help turn listeners into fans and make a one-off purchase into constant sells. The best way to engage is always to be share something more personable and meaningful. Below you’ll find such tips to help you make sales and connect with your audience.

Offer Deals At Live Shows

To make a live show an all the more worthwhile experience for fans would be to offer deals at your merch table. Most merch sales happen in the afterglow of a live performance and you can build on this opportunity by being ready to bargain. The good old “buy-one-get-one-free” pitch, bundles and other packages you can think up will always hook someone’s interest. Most of all, deals that can only be found at your merch table will get fans eager to buy then and there because no one likes missing out.

While you’re at it, throwing in a signature can help you make the sale even if your not sure anyone wants your signature. You’ll be surprised how many people would like you to sign the shirt, poster, or CD they just bought. It makes the experience all the more memorable so don’t be afraid to sign your merch.


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Ask Fans For Suggestions

You may have an idea of what your fanbase might like to wear with your name or logo attached to it. Yet, your idea can easily fall short if you don’t actually get a sense of what they care about. To avoid this issue it’s best to ask your audience. Not only can this increase engagement, but you’ll also know whether hoodies are a good investment over tank tops or beanies. Therefore, through social media or email newsletters, invite fans to suggest merchandise ideas or even consider creating a fun poll. Most of all, your level of creativity depends on how well you know your audience.

While you’re asking fans for suggestions, feel free to ask them to submit designs and/or help you pick merch artwork. Naturally, this will get fans excited about your merch and pay attention to when you’re merch is available for purchase. Not only do you learn about what fans want, asking for designs and help can make the process engaging and somewhat easier with all the guesswork out of the way.  

Commit To Your Merch

As an artist, it may feel strange to ask people to buy your merch and you can find yourself feeling up unexcited or shy during the process. When selling merch, like any other item, it’s best not to be self-deprecating. In other words, exude confidence and a sense of pride in what your selling. How you present yourself and how you feel about what your offering will undoubtedly come across to the customer. If you can feel enthusiastic about your merchandise then this will entice people to give you their money. Your own attitude about what your selling will impact how much you commit to promoting your merch on your website, social media and at shows.