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How To Sharpen Your Songwriting Skills Through Collaboration

There is nothing more fulfilling than finishing work you’ve funneled all of your focus, creativity, and time into. It’s a skill that’s built over time. It can also be a very lonely place, and sometimes ideas can begin to feel stagnant. One of the best ways to keep things fresh, and to enhance your own ability is collaborating with other artists.

Here’s a few pointers on how to go about expanding your musical and collaborative horizons.

1. Start Small With A Crowd Review

Have you yet to venture into collaboration quite yet, but interested in what other artists have to say? try sourcing your material to your peers. Crowd reviews have grown in popularity over the years and can be a source of valuable input. Though it’s important to not take opinions to heart, it might enlighten you to challenging areas you cycle into.

2. Buddy Up

Through whatever network you have grown as an artist (friends/showmates/social media acquaintances), find someone you appreciate and see if they’re interested in writing together. The process of songwriting is different for each person, so it may take a while to find someone who complements your rhythm. Once you do, sharing your different styles with another creative can by a symbiotic benefit to you both; everyone learns new things from each other. Songwriting camps are usually put together by a label or management for an artist pairing songwriters (often strangers) together to come up with new ideas for said artist. Getting into the groove of this process is definitely something you can do with fellow artists in the meantime. That way if opportunities come by to write for another artist in a camp-like scenario, the whole setup won’t be a completely new concept to you.

Attend Songwriting Panels/Seminars

One of the best ways to expand your collaborative network as a songwriter is by attending events catered specially to them. It’ll help you gain a thoughtful perspective on the level of work that goes into songwriting as a career, and help you build your craft by introducing you to other artists that are interested in the same thing. It may be one of the easier platforms to meet those to collaborate with because the mindset of those attending events such as these are coming from at least vaguely similar places. You’ll cultivate insight through panelists sharing their experiences, as well as networking. A lot of songwriting events have now included listening groups where attendees will allow the panelist to play their track for the entire room and give honest feedback. That in itself can be a little nail-biting, but sometimes it’s best to just rip the bandaid and see what experts have to say.

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All in all, there are hundreds of way to craft an amazing song. Though there is a hefty amount of respect to artists to do it on their own, it doesn’t make collaborating any less respectable. Two or more great ideas that merge into one super idea can be the ingredients to an impactful sonic moment. They’ll be creative relationships that you’ll be forever grateful for, and any method in which to grow as an artist should be priority number one. Good luck!