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How To Use Social Media To Express Yourself As A Musician

As an artist, it’s understandable that your focus is only on music. It could be writing a verse, finding the right chords on your guitar or performing before crowds shouting your lyrics. Often the most challenging and beautiful part of being an artist is building a community of fans eager to listen to your latest track or your oldest mixtape. To gather a following of steady listeners having social media engagement is vital. Acquiring that can have a significant impact by increasing the number of streams on your track or EP on platforms like Spotify or Soundcloud. An essential facet to gaining more streams, downloads, and so on can speak to your audience. In this modern age, everyone needs to know a bit of marketing. As artists, it is critical to figure out how to market yourself in a way that is natural and more so a reflection of who you are.

Here are a few tips for making social media an extension of yourself as a musician and creator.

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Speak Your Voice: People gravitate toward genuine, entertaining, and/or relatable posts. Often, fans can tell when someone is trying to sell them something or trying to be someone else. Therefore, the tone is an essential step in getting other social media users to like, follow, and even share your content. If you are funny, use that. The most important thing is to keep people interested. On Twitter, for instance, crack a few jokes. When it comes Facebook or Instagram, present questions in a conversational and authentic tone.

Tell A Story: In addition to sharing your authentic voice, you can use posts on Facebook or the caption in your Instagram feed to share a quick story. Sometimes writing a few words isn’t that effective in capturing followers attention or getting your point across. Having clear communication even on social media is still essential. In the space you have, when uploading a photo or video, express your thoughts. This also may include views on what it’s like being in the studio.

Vary Your Content: Since social media is mostly a free marketplace to promote and share music, art, and much more, take advantage of all, it has to offer. Sharing similar or repetitive posts is a sure way to lose your follower’s interest. Upload videos and photos of yourself singing or playing a tune, as well as promotional content about your upcoming single or music video. Different posts ensure followers that you’re a real and interesting person. Consider doing live-streaming your performances or studio sessions, alike. Plus, reposting about other artists helps build your presence in your genre and reaches more potential fans.

Maximize Trending Hashtags: These can help take the creative work off of your hands and get you in front of the right people. If there is a trending hashtag for a particular day like #throwbackthursday or #tuesdaythoughts, utilize them. A hashtag can assist with promoting your content without putting a lot of effort into social engagement. They could also help with storytelling on top of your original content.


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