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Incorporated Society of Musicians Launches Save Music Campaign For Touring Artists

Musicians in the UK are having an overwhelmingly difficult time traveling post-Brexit. The controversial political decision has affected access to touring visas for artists seeking to share music globally. A new campaign called ‘Save Music’ has emerged to raise awareness on the repercussions of Brexit. The initiative was started by the Incorporated Society of Musicians (ISM) to protect the rights of musicians and their freedom of movement.

The Save Music campaign is a call to action for everyone in the UK to stress the importance of a two-year visa. ISM is asking for people to write their MP on their campaign website they share an example letter to use. If music lovers and everyone in between can lobby their government officials, ISM suggests it will have a greater impact on the music industry. Simultaneously, the government is pushing for an extension of Permitted Paid Engagement visa which has already been termed disastrous.


Photo Via ISM

The Chief Executive of ISM Deborah Annetts commented on the lack of touring visas. She stated:

“The government does not seem to be able to differentiate between immigration and life as a touring musician […] It cannot be underestimated the damage that will be done to the music we enjoy, and the music that is yet to be created, if we don’t get the two-year visa.”

Additionally, ISM created the “Musicians and Brexit” report to detail the negative impact of Brexit on the lives of over 9,000 musicians. The report includes survey responses from various artists about their touring habits, problems they’ve faced while traveling and more.


Watch The Save Music Campaign Video by ISM