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Independent Artists Using DistroKid Can Now Upload Directly To Spotify

One of the top leading streaming services Spotify rumbled walls by announcing a new feature for independent artists to upload directly to the service. Since then, Spotify has continued to make an impact for rising stars by partnering with DistroKid. This platform is a home to over 250k artists and is a well-known aggregator. How does this affect you? Here is what you need to know about the new partnership.

Spotify has confirmed members of DistroKid can upload music directly to the streaming service. Despite it still remains in beta mode, it will soon be a seamless upload but also, might be available for other streaming platforms.

Photo by Rawxpexels via Pexels

DistroKid history started in 2013 and saw an impressionable investment from equity firm Silversmith Capital Partners based in Boston. Coinciding with this partnership, Spotify has published statements on this new step:

“For the past five years, DistroKid has served as a go-to service for hundreds of thousands independent artists, helping them deliver their tracks to digital music services around the world, and reaching fans however they choose to consume music. The service has been a trusted and reliable partner to Spotify, which is why they’re a natural choice to enhance the experience for artists using our beta upload feature.”

Spotify will have a direct-distribution tool to offer artists an opportunity to place their music on one of the largest audio streaming subscription services. Putting the cherry on top, it will be available without a cost.

Check out more details and learn how to be a part of this revolution by click here.