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Introducing: The Contributor App

We created Steereo based on a simple premise, let’s find a new and innovative way to help emerging artists, the proverbial underdogs, share their music with the world. For us, it was and continues to be a labor of love. Quite frankly, we see ourselves within our vibrant artist community.  

That’s precisely how many ground-breaking innovations are created- when the team working to solve a problem can relate to the experience. As entrepreneurs, we give our blood, sweat, and tears towards building the next solution. Artists are the very same. They’re entrepreneurs who through a series of successes and failures, work to provide solutions because music in itself is a solution. Often while searching for answers to a problem, we encounter five more. For us it was, how do we source through all this AMAZING music quickly, while giving each song and artist the attention they rightfully deserve?

Well, our team has been quietly at work building and testing a new tool that assists with this in a significant way. We like to introduce you to our NEW STEEREO CONTRIBUTOR APP.

How does this new app work? It’s simple. The Contributor App gives us the ability to build a community of industry taste makers to partake in music approval and rating. Songs are approved and declined based on votes calculated by the app.


Contributors earn pay and rewards for voting, similar to the Driver App. How cool is that?

Now that we’ve tested with our internal team, we’re placing the app in your hands. External testing has begun with a group of beta contributors made up of influencers, music journalists, playlisters, and other music aficionados.  Soon contributors everywhere will be able to vote on Steereo’s Next Big Hit. If you’re interested in becoming a beta tester, please click here to sign up. We’re open to all music lovers!

In closing to our artist community, building experiences that aid in your music journey is our primary objective. Whether it’s inside or outside the vehicle, our team will continue to drive attention and valuable insights your way.

Now that’s a vote we ALL can stand behind.


Sean McKenzie

Director of Driver Engagement & Co-Founder