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Lauryn Hill Apologizes For Late Shows & Fans Aren’t Happy About It

Lauryn Hill is no doubt a legendary artist with songs like ‘Killing Me Softly With His Song,’ ‘Ex-Factor,’ and of course her list of hits with the Fugees. Yet, her music reputation isn’t tiding fans over during her tardiness to concerts. Along with the knowledge of her eminent vocal range and lyrical depth, she’s also known to be finicky during live performances. Hill is touring in celebration of the 20th anniversary for her beloved album, The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill. At the start of the tour, she arrived at shows in Brussels and France nearly 2 hours late.

Recently, Lauryn Hill issued an apology to her European fans for her late streak through Twitter. She pointed to production issues, stating:

We’re working through the kinks of moving the production to Europe, with time changes and curfew restrictions, we’ve had a few challenges in these early shows.With deep gratitude I come on stage to perform an album that means so much to so many. Every day we push past inertia to present something sincere.


Photo by Theo Wargo Via Complex

She’s received backlash from fans after her tweet, claiming they’d rather have a refund than an apology or that she doesn’t actually care about her followers. Yet, if the shows are any indication, it seems her anxiety and perfectionism around touring has reared its head. The singer stated on Facebook two years ago that “I don’t show up late to shows because I don’t care.”

Lauryn Hill went on to explain:

Because I care so deeply about the artistic process, I scrutinize, have perfectionist tendencies, and want space made for spontaneity, which is not an easy process, with the many moving parts on the road.

Hill is set to perform at the UK Manchester Arena in Manchester, England in late November, hopefully, her tour will be on track and beneficial for her artistic needs and her fans.