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Learn How To Make Money With Sync Licensing

Take a moment to think about your favorite films, video games, and even memorable YouTube videos. Besides the acting or the main subject of whatever you are watching, the soundtrack or theme song has a huge part with setting the mood. Before a song can even make its presence, it has to go through an arduous process called sync licensing.

Sync licensing is crucial for musicians to receive money for their creations. The media outlets mentioned above are looking for fresh new music to set them apart– which is exemplary news for emerging and independent artists looking to take control of their career. Aside from an album or single release, licensing your original music can help you reach audiences in a new and impactful way.

Music synchronization is when the composer (you the artist) grants the licensee access to use their audio like, in this case, a track for a visual media output.

In simple terms, if a new TV series, film, or advertisement wants to place a song in their project, they must have permission from the songwriter or publisher to use it. Gaining authorization requires a sync license to either use the lyrics, notes or melodies (the composition) owned by the songwriter or the actual recording (master audio recording) held by the publisher or label.

If you wrote a song and also, own the publishing rights, synchronization royalties must be paid to you when others like companies request the right to use your music. Sync royalties are a great source of passive income while artists are on the move playing shows or selling downloads. Once your song catches like wildfire, soon enough it will be globally recognized and purchased or downloaded. 

When it comes to the charging fees, it depends on how your audio will be in use. There are different methods to consider, featuring the track for its entirety, a snippet, or another artist doing a cover. Although one-time use fees are typical, the nature of the agreement can rely on what the media project is like and what price you want to set for your creative work. Hence, it’s vital to know your worth and be willing to negotiate.

Where to start with Sync Licensing?

If filmmakers or video game companies aren’t flooding your inbox to inquire about your music, there are other ways to get their attention. You can build direct relationships by going to networking events or doing a bit of research to email such contacts. Additionally, if you have a manager or a label, the people on your team can do the work for you.

Want to take the initiative? You can find services like CDBaby to help you get your music into YouTube videos.

Learn How To Make 100K with Sync Licensing: