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Learn How To Make Your Facebook Page A Secondary Website

It may be hard to believe but Facebook is still the world’s largest social media platform. It’s changed drastically since inception but the booming platform is growing as a business center for musicians. Since creating and sharing music is very much a business aspect, you can make the most of your Facebook page for viewers who may not visit your website.

Website Content & Promotion

If website hosting stretches your budget too much as an emerging artist, Facebook is a wonderful platform to share all the things suitable for a website. Create posts to promote your latest single, share music video premieres through Facebook Live, and more. Some artists make the most of their page by even creating tabs to share merchandise. First, make sure to set up a page separate from your personal account and get to posting.

Once you create the page and have content posted, you can utilize their Ad Center. If you have a new single you want to gain attention, this option allows you to create a promotion for an affordable price. With this feature, you can target your specific audience and track how your promotion is doing. As well, sometimes Facebook will let you know with a notification which posts can use a boost.  


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Share Shows & Events

The biggest draw to Facebook is the ability for users to find events and so much more. As an artist, you can share your upcoming live shows, link tickets through Eventbrite or other services. This feature alone is the best reason to keep your Facebook page updated. You can gain traffic to your website or where your selling tickets through this feature because it’s so simple to add one show or a whole list of upcoming tour dates.

When you go to your timeline, you can share your new performance or meet up by clicking ‘event.’ Additionally, on your Facebook page, consider creating a tab for tours so that you can share all upcoming shows in one location.

Optimize Your About Section

All pages have ‘about’ sections on Facebook and although it’s tempting to leave this section blank, that would be a missed opportunity. Facebook is growing as a business center because employers, booking agents, and other industry professionals are using it. As an up-in-coming act, it’s even more vital to share a blurb or in-depth bio about you or your band for potential fans, writers or others to learn about you. Filling out your ‘about’ with relevant background information, contact information only benefits you.

Post Nearly Everything

Since Facebook doesn’t have a particular niche of just being for photos or videos, you can truly share as much relevant content to your brand as an artist or band. Facebook is like all the social media platforms wrapped into one. Therefore you can share videos, albums of photos from your events, tweet-like posts to engage audiences, and any links to your blog posts or featured editorials.

With Facebook you can take all the content you initially posted on your website and push it further with the ability to instantly post and share content. With the help of services like Hootsuite or If This Then That, you can share all the content you’re posting on Instagram or Twitter to Facebook to engage another set of internet lovers.