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Learn The Leader of Entertainment Live Nation’s 3rd Quarter Financial Report

The leading entertainment company Live Nation has increased 11% of revenue marking at $3.8 billion since September 2018. The companies target this year was to sell 90 million tickets but has already accomplished 95% of that by selling 85 million so far. What does that look like?

Live Nation in the last nine months witnessed 71 million fans attending over 24,000 shows in 40 countries.

Report by Live Nation via PR News Wire

It’s the leader to major festival brands, top-selling venues, and represents thousands of famed and underground artists. In recent conversations, the company has over 1,000 sponsors spread online and on-site across the world. The festival sponsorship alone increased in net revenue 12%.

Words from Live Nation:

“We continue to find innovative ways at scale to connect brands with the nearly nine million fans attending over 100 festivals worldwide.”

Some of these numbers might not mean a thing to you. However, if you are an artist, brand or even a shareholder- finding a way to be a part of Live Nation could be a wise choice.