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New Steereo Premium Driver Program

If you’re a new Steereo driver or thinking about becoming a Steereo driver, you should know that we’ve implemented an awesome new program!

Introducing our Steereo Premium Driver Program! New drivers must complete a 30 day trial in which they play 80 hours of Steereo music. This is to ensure proper usage of the app and to bring dedicated users an optimal experience and rewards.

Once you’ve completed the 80 hours of playtime we will level you up as a Premium Driver. You can then start claiming those cash rewards! The more music you play, the more points you will earn!

We love our dedicated drivers and want to reward all of you! This program allows us to ensure that you will have the best experience when using our app and allows us to give you awesome perks and rewards.

If you have any questions, check out our FAQs or talk to us directly at community@steereo.com.