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Nielsen Share In-Depth Data On Live Music Viewership

As the year comes closer to an end, Nielsen Music released its U.S. Music 360 Report for 2018. The report focuses on live music, sharing self-reported data on the behaviors, and attitudes of music consumers. Nearly 3,200 people completed the surveys that Nielsen use in the report. Although our music listening experience is changing, the Nielsen report is showing a growth in the number of people viewing live music. 52% of the whole US population is actively attending live music whether it’s a concert, festival, or other performance. Yet, that number in itself is growing.

Nielsen Music’s VP and Head of Brand Partnerships Matthew Yazge shared with Billboard his view on the live music industry:

“Artists rely heavily on touring. We’ve seen, specifically, festivals continuing to increase… I don’t think we’ve hit the peak [of festival attendance] yet, so I would anticipate that to continue growing in the future as well.”

Photo Via Pexels A huge portion of those hungry live music followers is millennials. They average 66% of the population as show attendees which grew from 60% last year. Social media as well is looking to be a motivating factor in the growth of live music viewership. 53% of attendees stated they’re finding new music through social media and even using their social channels during live shows. The age of music discovery looks to be growing, creating a beneficial exchange between artists and music lovers. Nielsen has marked the beneficial growth and expectations of the future in their report for more details download the full report.