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Our Weekly Top Ten Tracks Highlights The Best Pop Singles On Steereo

Making a huge impact is our Weekly Top Ten Tracks with names that aren’t stranger to our charts. Take a listen and stream artists on Steereo that are making an impact in the music industry. 

#10. ‘You Were The One’ by Mario Jose

The slow introduction is embodied by Mario’s heavenly vocals with romantic lyrics. And, without a warning, the chorus is an erupting electronic-pop drop just as his vocals match its tempo.

#9. ‘Encore’ by Luvabstract

Hailing from Ohio is Luvabstract with an indie single influenced by retro vocals and striking lyrics.

#8. ‘Eyes Shut’ by Jameson Tabor

From Portland, Oregon is the LA-based pop singer Jameson Tabor that pulls a style called Bluestep. This style is made up and inspired by Funk, Gospel, Rock, and Dance music.

#7. ‘Flipside’ by The Keymakers

Keeping it fun and groovy is two artists named The Keymakers. This track has a perfect balance of energetic electro-pop and a smooth and sweet introduction.

#6. ‘Lime Green’ by Glass Battles

Based in LA is the young singer Glass Battles is an artist who is great at bringing old-school pop vibes into modern music.

#5. ‘Pomeroy’ by JXSH

With an introduction reminding video games is JXSH with Pomeroy. He brings out computerized elements to an energetic and feisty baseline.

#4. ‘Venus Fly Trap’ by Matt Easton

The emerging singer Matt Easton has left imprints on our charts with an intriguing alternative and pop single. Venus Fly Trap is singular as it conveys a darker element to the genre.

#3. ‘Say Something’ by Keith Cullen

The Irish singer Keith Cullen has landed in our top five tracks this week with his beautiful single of Say Something. Pulling real-life experiences, Keith inspires listeners with strong and deep lyrics.

#2. ‘Make A Move’ by ChrisLee

The young pop artist comes through again with the single ‘Make A Move,’ a perfect romantic track meant for the beachside or laying out by the pool.

#1. ‘Pray To You (with Niko The Kid) by ChrisLee

Landing our Number One spot is ChrisLee featuring Niko The Kid with an electronic and melodic track. There isn’t a question as to why it landed this spot since it’s a contagious single with a fun and modern vibe.