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Our Weekly Top Ten Tracks Were Spoiled With The Pop Music World

Here are the songs that took hold of the week and made it to our list of the Top Ten Tracks. They are all different and unique, showcasing each artist’s style and talent. Any listener can find a gem of beauty in each track whether it is a favorite verse, beat, or rhyme. Ultimately, the songs on our Weekly Top Ten create an excellent mixture to carry into the weekend.

#10. ‘Lime Green’ by Glass Battles

LA-based Pop singer rewinds time by bringing forward Britney Spears old style-. Lime Green has a thrilling and intense element with a sensual feel.

#9. ‘Eyes Shut’ by Jameson Tabor

Another West Coast native is Jameson Tabor who is a Bluestep inspired singer. Eyes Shut has an emotional influence with honest and emotional darkness. 

#8. ‘Flipside’ by The Keymakers

The duo is back for another fun track called Flipside. The Keymakers as a mellow introduction but with an electro pop drop vibrant enough for a beach party.

#7. ‘Venus Fly Trap’ by Matt Easton

The fast-rising melodic singer Matt Easton landed on our charts with yet, another alternative pop single. Venus Fly Trap has a Hip-Hop vocal element almost giving a feel to the darker side of pop.

#6. ‘Pomeroy’ by JXSH

With an introduction almost digital who wouldn’t want to listen to Pomeroy. JXSH vocals remain light as their layered on top of an energetic bumpy baseline.

#5. ‘You Were The One’ by Mario Jose

You Were The One has a slow introduction with Mario’s soft vocals and sensitive lyrics. Without any expectation, it skyrockets to a major big-room beat drop with his singing maximized to space.

#4. ‘Make A Move’ by ChrisLee

The stapled artist who has been able to remain in our Weekly Top Ten Charts is no other than ChrisLee. The young pop artist comes through again with the single ‘Make A Move,’ a perfect romance song for a beach or picnic with a love one.

#3. ‘Encore’ by Luvabstract

Ohio native is Luvabstract with Encore- a traditional indie single pulling vocal influences like Adam Levine. 

#2. ‘Pray To You (with Niko The Kid) by ChrisLee

ChrisLee is back on the Top Ten with his brand new single “Pray To You” featuring Niko The Kid. His smooth voice vibes with the electronic house beats. The song has a touch of romance in the and revitalizing party force.

#1. ‘Say Something’ by Keith Cullen

The Irish singer Keith Cullen has landed our number one spot with an energetic single called ‘Say Something.’ Inspired by real past experiences, Keith Cullen has strong emotion and infuses realness through lyrics.