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Who Knew Making Beats For Video Games Would Lead Plush To Be A Rapper [Artist Spotlight]

Plush was only at the young age of 13 years old when he started making beats. Since then, it’s been nonstop for the producer and rapper. The Atlanta native began playing around with beats when he initially only wanted to learn to make his own video games. Once his friends noticed a talent, Plush felt the urge to make something out of it. The brand Plush represents Hip-Hop content based on his own experiences in ATL and having fun with good vibes.

You might have seen his name floating around in press since he’s been featured on media sites like Da Insider Magazine and A&R Factory. According to press, “Plush Sanches does a great job of standing out on this production. His voice is addictive and his sound will make you want to jump on board.” In our latest Artist Spotlight feature we interviewed Plush to get to know more of his journey and what’s he is up to now.

Are you originally from Georgia, ATL?

Yes, born and raised.

When did you start producing or making beats in hip-hop?

Like around middle school around 13 years old. I began making beats, but when I started it was mainly because I loved video games and wanted to know how to make them.I taught myself how to code using Ubisoft. I needed music for my game so i started researching copyright, and then my homies had garage band. So Once I started doing it, people kept saying ‘Oh you making beats?’ And, I would say ‘No, it’s for my games.’ Then, I started making beats for my neighbors and around the neighborhood. I kept trying to make beats and started finding things like you guys to promote it. One time I put out a mixtape through one platform. When I came back to check it out, I had made $500 bucks. So, I was like I can make money off of this! (laughs) I started telling everybody else saying how you can get paid. After a while, people started pushing me to rap or sing. One of my friends pushed one of his songs with him and everybody liked it. Then, I started putting out music videos and doing a bunch of open mics for a year or two. I’ve kept making more music and meeting more people who have been helping me and my career since then.

Wow, it seems like your career has escalated positively so far! There are many artists like you who’ve started at a young age and quit because how tough it can be as an artist. With your kind of journey, what’s kept you motivated?

Mainly, family and friends. Those are the main people who have motivated me to keep going.

That’s really sweet. Are there hidden messages or inspirations behind your music?

Most of it is about having fun and having good vibes and melodic.

Take us back to the first time you performed before an audience. Describe your experience.

When I first performed it was at a pep rally (giggles) it was horrible. I forgot all my lines. I didn’t want to stop because everybody was looking at me. Plus, the school got me to do it. So, I was like even though I didn’t know the words; i still did it.

Speaking of performances, is there any kind of routine you like to do before you jump on stage?

Mainly what I do is repeat songs in my head. And, afterward, I am like Let’s Do It. Also, I try to think what’s the craziest thing I can do.

Do you usually bring out other people to perform on stage with you? I’ve seen a couple of collaborations with other artists in your music. How important is it to have a healthy dynamic versus making it a competition when working with others?

That is the main important thing or not even better. It takes two people on a song when creating it. It’s 50/50. It needs to be a strong workflow and balance. Everybody needs to be respectful.

For sure- since at the end of the day, both artists are looking and going after the same thing which is making music and is successful. That makes sense! Now, let’s talk more about where you’ve performed. You’ve only played in ATL, right?

Yes, that’s correct.

Once you get to the point to perform internationally, where would you like to go?

I would love to perform in Brazil. I know one guy that I have a song with him. In the beginning, I sing it in Portuguese, and he raps it in the same language.

Ooo, that’s nice. Does that mean you will be releasing some Brazilian infused rapping songs?

Yeah, of course! I work with a lot of other people around the world like UK, Mexico, and Brazil.

In that case, do you have any new music coming out soon?

Yes- my friend Marco and I have released a new track on November 9th called Ramona. It’s on all streaming platforms.

Last question, what makes ‘Ramona’ different from your past releases?

Ramona is very melodic. The producer is someone different this time versus myself. Has a cartoonish vibe to it!

Plush, we loved getting to know you! Thank you for talking to us!
Listen To ‘Gravity’ by Plush: