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R&B Singer Amber Mark Releases A Nostalgic Single Titled ‘Put You On’ Ft. DRAM

R&B artist Amber Mark recently released her latest single “Put You On” Ft. Dram. Now there are two versions for fans to listen to and adore. The original track has a nostalgic 90s R&B flavor with a laidback beat. The latest remix by MJ Cole is a faster tempo, highlighting the songs irresistibly fun nature. While the song is reminiscent of the R&B hayday, the lyrics are a bright contrast focusing on sweet new love in the modern dating scene with lines like ‘you’re still on my feed.’

Listen to “Put You On (MJ Cole Remix)” By Amber Mark

The New York-based singer-songwriter style usually features a mixture of alternative R&B, a hint of Soul and, also what she describes as a “tribal” influences. Her single ‘Put You On’ embraces the R&B flare, offering a glamorous and NYC urban daydream for listeners to delve into. MJ’s remix also gives listeners a chance to really dance to its upbeat vibes.


Photo by Amber Mark Via Instagram

Amber Mark is definitely an artist to watch out for since her debut EP “3:33am” and most recent EP “Conexão.” Her sophomore EP features a lovely cover of Sade’s “Love Is Stronger Than Pride,” which the legend artist herself personally approved.  Amber Mark is constantly playing live shows as she’s currently touring the U.K. Even if you can’t see her live, it’s definitely possible to bask in her music now by listening to both versions of “Put You On.”

Watch The Music Video for “Put You On” Ft. DRAM by Amber Mark